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Who is the hair supplement intended for?

We focus on solving the problem of men who are affected by hair loss. We don't have a cure for hair loss because it simply doesn't exist. The good news is that we have the solution so you can live a life with abundant hair despite your hair loss, without compromise or restrictions.

KAPILLUS ™ hair supplements are the perfect solution to guarantee the return of abundant hair. However, it is important to have enough hair on the sides and above the temples to ensure an invisible and natural transition.

Hair supplements can be tested easily and safely. Find out for yourself the quality of life they provide and whether you like it on a daily basis. They leave no scars, do not destroy natural hair and you can decide at any time whether you want to continue using them or not.

How long does a hair supplement last?

Lifespan is fundamentally individual, as it depends on different factors, such as compliance with all recommended care routines. In general, durability increases in the long run as you gain experience using hair supplements. To do this, we provide, through our salons, all the useful information regarding the maintenance of hair prostheses.

If you follow our advice and manage to get into a good routine, you can wear a hair supplement for up to 8 months. External influences are of course also decisive: in summer, for example, the prosthesis is more stressed by solar radiation or sea bathing than in winter. We remedy this with innovative care products and high hair quality.

Can the supplement come off?

No, there is no risk. But be sure to respect the deadlines indicated by our partners for carrying out the maintenance of your supplement, as well as for the installation of your new hair prosthesis.

Are there any restrictions in terms of sporting activities or daily life?

No, you can continue to do the activities you did before, whether it's taking a shower, going to a sauna, driving a convertible, swimming in chlorinated water or salt water ( however, we recommend a swimming cap to increase the lifespan of your supplement).

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